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Firstly, our courses are not just about learning the language,but the culture & social side of using English in life.

You are given a comfortable room with WiFi and Flat screen TV included.

All meals are taken with your teachers and and the table conversation often covers every subject imaginable.

A pre-course questionnaire will already have been analysed to form part of your lesson plan format.

This also helps to discover whether you learn by visual, audio or kinaesthetic means.

We often change teachers and subjects to allow you a change of pace and variety.

We start the first day with simple English tests that progressively get more challenging, to discover your existing level and what you already know.


On a typical day, you would start lessons at 0900 am and finish at approx 1.00pm ... 5 days per week.


It is intensive!! But remains fun! Homework, revision or tasks are given wherever applicable to build on the coursework to date.

 Students can also help or learn English cooking, gardening, events, etc.

Your learning never stops!!

We can often arrange one day lessons or  visits at cost only to :-

The cities of Edinburgh, Perth, Stirling and Glasgow, The Cairngorm National Park, Whisky distillery,

Historic Castles, Highland Lochs, Tartan, Haggis,

Typical Scottish pubs and much, much more!!!

How do we get such impressive results?

Answer: We build slowly from a good base.


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